dancing over murdered bodies
 to rip the F-ing oil profits off
  why can't they just buy oil?

.. 3 versions at least ...

  .. each different = some lies ...

    .. since only one version can be true

Subtitle: Gaddafi died in custody (= murdered); that OK with you?
[update, 22Oct'11]


Post-mortem; Q: What evidence do I have?

A: What I have gathered from/via the AusBC = publicly funded broadcaster.

From the "News Just In" section of a page in "The Drum:"

Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 13:42:49 +0200 (CEST)
Anti-Gaddafi forces claim capture of Sirte

Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 19:43:10 +0200 (CEST)
Gaddafi killed as home town captured


From the "Just In" page itself, and some from the articles:

NTC official claims Gaddafi dead
Posted October 20, 2011 21:29:14 | Updated October 20, 2011 23:33:20

There are unconfirmed reports deposed Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi has died of wounds suffered during his capture near his home town of Sirte.
"He has been captured. He is badly wounded, but he is still breathing," Mohamed Leith told AFP, adding that he had seen Gaddafi himself and that he was wearing a khaki uniform and a turban.
Mr Majid said Gaddafi was caught trying to flee Sirte in a convoy which NATO warplanes attacked.

Other reports said he was found hiding in a hole shouting "don't shoot, don't shoot".

Topics: unrest-conflict-and-war, world-politics, libyan-arab-jamahiriya


Gaddafi dead, Sirte captured
Posted October 20, 2011 21:29:14 | Updated October 21, 2011 03:40:24

Deposed Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi has died of wounds sustained when fighters captured his home town of Sirte, interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril has confirmed.

"We have been waiting for this moment for a long time," Mr Jibril told a news conference in the capital Tripoli.

"Moamar Gaddafi has been killed."

His death, which came swiftly after his capture is the most dramatic single development in the Arab Spring revolts that have unseated rulers in Egypt and Tunisia and threatened the grip on power of the leaders of Syria and Yemen.

Details about exactly how and where Gaddafi was found are mixed and there are also conflicting reports as to whether Gaddafi's son, Mutassim, has been captured alive or was killed.

Topics: unrest-conflict-and-war, world-politics, libyan-arab-jamahiriya


Gaddafi 'killed in crossfire' after capture
Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, staff
Posted October 20, 2011 21:29:14 | Updated October 21, 2011 11:11:01

Libya's new leaders say Gaddafi died from a bullet wound to the head after being dragged from his hiding place in a sewage pipe during the final hours of the struggle for control of the city.

Topics: unrest-conflict-and-war, world-politics, libyan-arab-jamahiriya


[article, v1:]
NTC official claims Gaddafi dead
Updated October 20, 2011 23:53:25

National Transitional Council official Abdel Majid Mlegta earlier said Gaddafi was captured and wounded in both legs as he tried to flee Sirte in a convoy which NATO warplanes attacked.

"He was also hit in his head," he said. "There was a lot of firing against his group and he died."


[article, v3:]
Gaddafi dragged out of sewer and shot in the head
Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, staff
Updated October 21, 2011 11:11:01

"At approximately 8:30am local time today, NATO aircraft struck two pro-Gaddafi forces military vehicles which were part of a larger group moving in the vicinity of Sirte," NATO military spokesman Colonel Roland Lavoie said.

"These armed vehicles were conducting military operations and presented a clear threat to civilians."

Comment 1: NATO flew something like 26,000 sorties into Libya. That's a lot of stopping "clear threats to civilians;" see my picture 'worth' more than a squillion words.

Comment 2: Note that forces crossing borders inbound are perpetrating aggression of the Nuremberg class.

Comment 3: Note that the headlines of each successive appearance in Just In are all different and mostly differ from those in the articles - why that?

Comment 4: Each of the (at least) three article-versions 'share' the same URL; it means that the 'superseded' articles disappear (and now that Google has dropped the caching function, we cannot even research the (recent) past to retrieve the original reports). This amounts to deliberately re-writing history by the AusBC = revisionism.

Comment 5: It's partly luck that I collected different versions. With AusBC setting out to delete their own history, we have some difficulty exposing their lies. Too bad; and anyway, the (dumbed-down) sheople just doze on.

Musing: Claim that Saddam's goons throwing babies out of humidicribs to die on the cold, stone floor. Claim that Hussein "fed people into huge shredders, feet first to prolong the agony". Claim that Saddam found in 'spider hole.' Then; snipers on roof-tops, mercenaries fed viagra in order to mass-rape, Gaddafi dragged out of sewer and shot in the head. Any common theme here? (Tip: Try 'filthy, propagandistic lies.')

Thesis: Barker usually operates in Z-ray Hell; guaranteed none of the reportage here is Barker's own 'eye-witness' news. Her job-description must include 'propagandiste' - here, she is putting up a smoke-screen excuse = 'killed in crossfire,' to try to let NATO/rebel-rabble off the murder-hook. Won't work, can't work; that's what US+NATO-F+UK are. Point: See how Barker/the AusBC insinuate their lies?


Something a bit different:

 - TOP NEWS - (nyt eml 3mins ago, time of writing):

"Violent End to an Era as Qaddafi Dies in Libya"

Note the language: "Dies." (As opposed to 'killed,' say.)


Some confirmation:

Journalist's tweets: 'I saw Gaddafi's body'
Posted October 21, 2011 09:45:12 | Updated October 21, 2011 14:10:19

A journalist has revealed she chased the ambulance carrying Moamar Gaddafi's body, and saw the dictator's body in the back, describing him wearing gold pants and with a bullet wound in the chest.

Topics: unrest-conflict-and-war, world-politics, libyan-arab-jamahiriya


A souvenir:

Photo: NTC fighters hold what they claim to be Moamar Gaddafi's gold-plated pistol (see below.)


A predicted consequence:

Gaddafi death 'may cut' petrol prices in Australia
By Peter Ryan, Sue Lannin and staff
Posted October 21, 2011 14:24:50 | Updated October 21, 2011 15:07:33

There was little sustained reaction on oil markets following the death of former Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi, but an end to conflict there could speed up the restoration of oil exports.

Topics: business-economics-and-finance, markets, oil-and-gas, unrest-conflict-and-war, libyan-arab-jamahiriya

Comment 1; (bad): They did/do this for Iraq as well; 'Western' actions (mainly US + snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on (SQSH-Os)) are 'saving' *our* oil supplies (under Arab/Muslim sands) - so the claim. Q: Saving supplies from what? (Oil owners presumably must sell; and where else but on some open market?) A: Not 'from what' but 'for what,' where 'what' = economic rent (= sale-price - production-cost). Digging Iraqi oil up is estimated to cost ~$1,- but it is currently sold in the range $80-$120 (Murdoch said destroying Iraq would return the price to $25). The US (+SQSH-Os) want the lot = the total profit rip-off, from oily-sand to forecourt-fuel-bowsers = economic rent - less the 5% royalties, say - just like in Aus.

Comment 2; (worse): Aus buys oil/petrol mostly via Singapore at the Tapis base-price; this has recently been ~+33% to +25% over the cost of West Texas Crude. Why that; why such a wide range? Why should anything happening in the Mediterranean affect the Tapis-price?

Comment 3; (worst): We may spot a trend; US+NATO+SQSH-Os attacking oil-owners; Iran feared to be next. Q: Can (mostly) US-style capitalism not survive without murder/theft? A: Apparently not. While we are at it, Q: Can the I/J/Z-plex not survive without murder/theft? A: Apparently not. And the I/J/Z-plex either owns or controls or both, the US M/I/C/4-plex. We can see the point of maximum immorality.


Earlier, I posed the Q: Gaddafi died in custody - that OK with you?

From/via the AusBC, we read:

"His death, which came swiftly after his capture" - me: was it really some sort of an accident ('killed in crossfire' as the Barker/Just In/v3 headline has it) or actually more like a lynching = extrajudicial execution (recall ObL's somewhat untimely, definitely irregular end)?

Epitaph: A US-NATO-F+UK supported rabble has destroyed one of Africa's most advanced nations - murder for spoil (oil again? No, still).

There you have it (see photo below, notice the neat symbolism of the baseball caps?) - make your own conclusions, I know you will.

Update, 22Oct'11, 11:43; PS ...

Now had enough of US+NATO+SQSH-Os' barbarity on this round - I blog because I must; I cannot bear to do nothing in the face of such utter evil, I blog to document and comment, since it's 'the best I can do.' Others blog too, some much better than I can, so here's Escobar's effort via ICH.



  1. Just on 'knock-off' time, the Barker propaganda sting. More in a few mins...

  2. Trigger article:

    Gaddafi in meat locker amid burial indecision
    By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker and wires
    Updated October 22, 2011 00:27:13

      « ...

    The body is lying on a mattress in the cold storage plant, formerly used for meat and other produce.
    Shown to fighters and reporters, it bore a bullet hole in the side of the head, as well as a large bruise on one side and scratch marks.
    NTC leaders claim he was shot in the head when he was caught "in crossfire" between his supporters and new regime fighters soon after his capture at the sewage culvert where he had taken refuge.

    However, there is wide speculation he was summarily executed by his captors.

    UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has called for an investigation, while in London, foreign secretary William Hague made it clear Britain does not approve of "extrajudicial killing".
    But Kathy Tedeschi, whose first husband Bill Daniels died in the atrocity
    [Lockerbie], was less measured, saying "I hope he's in hell with Hitler".» 

    Comment 1: Note the language throughout; designed to stimulate revulsion.

    Comment 2: Note that some of my points have been covered, namely illegal killing of a captive = murder - and as if Gaddafi would deign to hide in a sewage culvert? Beggars belief! (Belief is 'normally' done in the absence of evidence.) Note the (feigned?) concern from the UN (Navi Pillay) - which(who?) sanctioned the Nuremberg-class aggression by NATO. Note also the weasel-words from one of those primarily responsible for this utter, criminal outrage = NATO (William Hague).

    Comment 3: Note that 'Lockerbie' is again cited as other reports have cited the Berlin disco bombing, although it is by no means clear that Gaddafi/Libya was responsible for either (despite all the - yes, propaganda - over the years.)

    Comment 4: The Tedeschi quote is the main, propaganda-point of this little 'tidy-up' from Barker. That's how she & the AusBC do their dirty-work.

  3. There's been another update to the "Gaddafi in meat locker" story, namely;

    [added, v3:]
    The indecision comes as Libyan and world leaders turn their eyes to the future.


    [changed, v3:]
    NATO leaders have met to review the organisation's air campaign in Libya.

    NATO'S secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the campaign could be over by the end of the month.

    The decision will be made in coordination with the UN and Libya's interim government.

    Me: What's left to bomb?

    And note Barker's "sewage culvert" is in fact a storm-water drain, but no really significant change in language/symbolism - eh? And I suppose Barker could be suffering a bit from 'fog of war' herself, given where she usually lives (= Z-ray Hell.)

    I've since seen a photo on (taxpayer-financed) TV of some completely burnt-out vehicles reputed to have been Gaddafi's convoy; one doesn't suppose NATO deployed Napalm, does one?

    There's also a report here called "Gaddafi's Last Words as Rebels Dragged Him Through Street". The report doesn't mention any "crossfire."

  4. Forced to admit (parts) of the truth?

    Barker's "sewage" [here pipe and here culvert] becomes a drainage ditch - the location didn't change, only the AusBC's language = (lying) propaganda.

    Mind you, if my convoy was attacked by NATO (dropping Napalm, à la the My Lai Massacre?) from the immense safety of a deceptively-worded UN no-fly zone (procured under apparently false pretences, to boot), I'd probably duck into the nearest safety too. Hence the drainage ditch, perhaps.